Our Strength-Our Team
  The objective of Cultural Committee is to develop creative aptitude and power of imagination among the students who work hard in class but need to maintain a delicate balance between their professional and social life, by utilizing their talents and skills in diversified activities, such as organizing cultural events or other works of creativity and imagination. They also learn to manage such events as well as receive performance certificates. Academic Council
  Sporting events managed by Sports Club has the objective of reenergizing students and develop the right kind of attitudes through team building, managing stress well ufider pressure environment which also enhances their leadership qualities and team discipline. Students learn to set their ambitious target, work hard in team form and become result oriented.
  SMC works as a bridge between the management and the students for the welfare and development of both, students and the institute. Students are also encouraged to form informal groups and clubs/committee based on their areas of interests and to share information or exchange of ideas.
  Diverse activities like organizing seminars, publishing in-house magazine or articles, organizing guest lectures the academic and corporate world, participation in different inter & intra-business schools seminars, debate/quiz competitions etc. are managed by Academic Council.
  The objective of CDC is to facilitate career development workshops, management & computer based learning and personality development programs (PDPs). It also undertakes activities like presentations, mock interview, role plays, CV designing etc. The cell also helps those students who are desirous of becoming entrepreneurs to identify their fields and prepare for it. Job alerts are also provided through our CDC linked with various job sites available on internet and newspapers to the students.


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